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Jennifer Hermoso Fuentes (born May 9, 1990) is a talented Spanish professional footballer. She graces the pitch as a mesmerizing forward for CF Pachuca, a prominent force in Liga MX Femenil. With sheer talent and flair, she orchestrates a captivating performance that leaves spectators in awe.

As a prized jewel of Spain, Jennifer Hermoso proudly represents her country, her passion for the game akin to a blazing inferno that fuels her every move.

Jennifer Hermoso‘s accomplishments shine like stars in the night sky as she holds the esteemed titles of the all-time leading goal scorer for Barcelona and Spain, an illustrious feat that cements her status as a scoring sensation.

Early Life

Jennifer Hermoso, a gifted and determined footballer, was born in Madrid, Spain, on May 9, 1990. Raised in a loving household with her parents and siblings, she inherited a passion for the sport from her grandfather, the esteemed Antonio Hernandez, who once guarded the goal for Atlético Madrid.

While her family’s identities remain private, Jennifer Hermoso‘s Instagram offers glimpses of the cherished moments she shares with her loved ones, especially her dear brother, Rafa Hermoso.

Choosing a path focused on her sporting ambitions, Jennifer Hermoso embarked on an extraordinary journey, honing her skills and pursuing excellence in the field. Her performances are nothing short of a stunning symphony, enchanting spectators with each touch and move she makes.


Jennifer Hermoso, the football virtuoso, set her sights on greatness early in her career, gracing the youth teams of Atlético Madrid before taking her place on the senior stage in 2008. Her journey took her on a charming voyage from Rayo Vallecano to the distant shores of Tyresö FF in Sweden.

A pivotal moment arose in 2014 when FC Barcelona welcomed her with open arms, and the pitch became her canvas to paint a masterpiece of success. With seven league titles, six Copa de la Reinas, and the UEFA Women’s Champions League trophy in her grasp, Jennifer Hermoso‘s football symphony struck a triumphant chord.

Jennifer Hermoso, a maestro in front of the net, claimed five Pichichi awards, reigning supreme in the Spanish Primera División. Europe’s top five women’s leagues acknowledged her brilliance with two coveted Golden Boots. In the 2020–21 UEFA Women’s Champions League, her notes resonated with the world as she shared the honor of top scorer.

The world applauded her artistry, crowning Jennifer Hermoso with a prestigious second place in the Ballon d’Or voting of 2021, a fitting recognition for her virtuoso performances.

Personal Life

Jennifer Hermoso and Alexia Putellas, two extraordinary footballers and partners, embrace their unique experiences and an intriguing age gap. Despite being in the limelight, Jennifer prefers a private life.

Many fans mistakenly thought Jennifer Hermoso‘s brother Rafa Hermoso was her husband, but he has a happy marriage to Liere Hermoso.

Jennifer Hermoso, age 33, keeps her personal affairs away from the public eye, cherishing her moments with loved ones in the peaceful corners of her world.

Jennifer Hermoso Net Worth

Jennifer Hermoso has amassed an approximately $5 million net worth, which can be attributed to various sources such as her lucrative endorsements, substantial prize money earnings, and a significant salary. However, specific details about Hermoso’s salary remain undisclosed to the public.

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